Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big and Beautiful actress Chioma Toplis strips

Chioma Toplis once boasted that her foreign husband is so much obsessed with her sweet assets that he can never consider dumping her for another woman because she knows how to handle him during action. The beautiful woman has just released some very scintillating pix to prove her point. See them:

N*de Photos: Pastor's Wife, Megan Good, Exposed Online

When this lady, who is married to a pastor stared showing off her oranges anyhow, Hot Gossip did a few post to complain about the act but some people say they didn't see anything wrong with it, because to them we are now in a civilized world. Itssokay, now look at the mess she has landed herself.

VIDEO: Afro-Candy Caught Doing It

She has finally done it. Naija rough woman has taken her things too far with a young man right inside her own bedroom and the video has leaked, either directly or indirectly. SEE the video below...

Check Out What This Young Girl Has Done To Her Oranges

All in a bid to become a celebrity and get featured on top entertainment channels, this 21yrs old girl went as far as spending $20,000 to get a third breast. Sadly, Jasmine Tridevil did not think her action through as many guys are now running from her, rather than the admiration she was expecting. Bad market!

N*de Women Protesting Against Kaduna State Governor

After months of staying away from the murder sites in the troubled Southern Kaduna region of Kaduna state, Governor Mukhtar Yero finally surfaced in the ‘killing field’ on Monday, only to be greeted by angry women who protested, some without their clothes, against the governor's negligence and poor leadership since he took over the leadership of the state.

Popular actor Chiwetalu Agu doing things to Ladies in the Bush

Anything that comes his way, so long as women are involved, the actor is always ready. See more photos...

How This Guy R*ped a Girl and Leaked Her N*de Pix in Lagos

30-year old Olaniyan Oluwakayode has been arrested for allegedly r*ping a 20-year old girl in Lagos and also uploading her unclad photos on the internet to further rubbished her. Olaniyan, who hails from Osun State, was said to have molested the girl in his apartment at the Ifako area of Lagos. 
He was arrested by police and brought to the Lagos Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, in handcuffs. The girl (name withheld) from Akwa Ibom State, alleged that after being r*ped, Oluwakayode snapped her pictures despite pleas from his sister, saying he was never her boyfriend as he claimed.
“He stops me anytime I am going to work. He approached me and I told him I was not ready to give him a reply. I did not go to his house. On my way back from work on Tuesday last week, I saw someone running out of his house, because there is a bush around their compound so he jumped from the fence down and held my hand and said he wants to do what’s on his mind. 
“So I asked him why would he do what’s on his mind when I have not even accepted his advances, he said he would do what is on his mind today; so he dragged me into the bush. When I wanted to shout, he brought out a knife and said if I shouted, he would kill me there.
“So from the bush, he dragged me to his house and locked the door. I tried all I could to open it but I couldn’t because the door is an iron door and very strong. He used his legs to hold my neck, he tore my skirt, my pant and my bra...
"He beat me very well on my head, neck and body and removed my pant and he slept with me. After he finished sleeping with me, I couldn’t shout again because he was beating me and forcing me to open my legs. When I refused, he also held my neck so I couldn’t shout,” she alleged.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

First pro-gay mosque opens in South Africa

A Muslim academic has opened a gay-friendly mosque in South Africa, despite receiving death threats and fierce criticism from parts of the local Muslim community.
Women will also be allowed to lead prayers at Taj Hargey's "Open Mosque" in Cape Town.
"We are opening the mosque for open-minded people, not closed-minded people," Mr Hargey told the BBC.

Man Offers To 'Rent' Girlfriend For £1 An Hour In Order To Raise Money To Buy iPhone 6

A Chinese man has offered to 'rent' his girlfriend out to other men so that he can raise money to buy the latest model of iPhone.

Images of Wei Chu, 25, standing outside Songjiang University, Shanghai holding a 'Girlfriend Sharing' advertising board first emerged on Chinese social media earlier this week.

He invited interested passers-by to log on to a nearby wifi network in order to check out images of his 21-year-old girlfriend Xiao Ai, who can be 'rented' for just £1 an hour - although the man insists 'no funny business' can take place on dates he suggests should be focused around dinner or studying

Man Suffers Endless Erection After Sleeping With Married Woman

TORORO - Police in Tororo are dumbfounded after a 23-year old man sought help claiming a man whose wife he had slept with had caused him an endless erection for eight straight days.

Simon Peter Olara, a guard attached to HARSH Security Company limited and deployed at Tororo cement industry started experiencing an endless painful erection after having sex with Christine Aboth 23, the wife to Jaffar Wambede, a radio and TV technician in Malaba town.

Aboth, who lives at Greenland trading center, has for the last two weeks been seeing Olaro after bitterly separating with Wambede in June this year. Wambede had accused her of stealing household property and aborting whenever she conceived.

Olara, groaning in pain, told Malaba police on Tuesday that he had started experiencing the abnormal erection on September 8, 2014 soon after having sex. He said ever since the erection started, the situation had worsened as he could not even sleep at night.

After failing to receive medical attention at St Anthony’s hospital where doctors advised him to undergo surgery, Olaro was taken to Malaba police by his colleagues, friends and LCI chairperson of Greenland trading center, Maureen Alowo to plead with Wambede to forgive him in case he had a hand in the strange happening.

Aboth told the police that she ran away from Wambedde due to torture leading to miscarriages but promised to return the house hold property she had stolen to save Olara. She explained that ever since Olara’s abnormal situation, she has been spending sleepless nights as he cries throughout.

She accused the former husband of having a hand in her new fiancée’s condition saying when they were separating, Wambedde assured her that she would never have peace with any other man, an allegation he vehemently denies.

I Can Compete With Usher Raymond ...

Nigeria’s pop sensation, P-Square, have continued to break barriers in making sure they get to the peak of their musical career.

The Square brothers recently released their album titled ‘Double Trouble’ and it has been gaining massive air-plays on the various media stations across the country.

Married Mn Arrested For Having Sex With Sheep [PHOTO]

A TWENTY-SIX-YEAR old married man with two children, Braimah Weybo who lives at Miaso, a suburb of Kwahu Bepong in the Kwahu South district of the Eastern region has been arrested for having sexual intercourse with a sheep. The suspect has since been remanded in police custody.

The owner of the sheep explained that unknown thieves have for some time now been stealing his sheep and therefore he put in place surveillance measures to arrest them.

BIG BOY: Balotelli arrives Liverpool training in £240,000 Ferrari

When you've made big money, you make big things happen. Mario Balotelli drove to Liverpool training on Thursday in his £240,000 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that has been shipped over from Italy. The 24-year-old has been reunited with his supercar, which was seen arriving at Liverpool’s Melwood training base as Balotelli and his team-mates prepare for Saturday’s Premier League trip to West Ham.

Female Singer Emma Nyra Shows Off In New Photos

She recently told the media that she loves exposing her body cos that's what people want to see and here she is again, Emma Nyra has released some lovely photos for you guys. Check them out below:

Photo: Thousands of People Queuing Just to Buy the iPhone 6


The craze to be among the first to own the new iPhone 6 is so strong that some can do anything for it. lol!